SWFT Maxx electric moped review: A low-cost ride with e-bike performance and scooter comfort

by Micah Toll

The SWFT Maxx electric moped is one of those rare two-wheeled EVs that tries to have its cake and eat it too. On the one hand, it’s a scooter for all intents and purposes.

On the other hand, it offers performance that most people would associate more with electric bicycles. So what’s it good for? Let’s dive in and see.

First of all, the name itself is going to be divisive. Not the “SWFT” or “Maxx” part. It’s still the early 2020s and thus product names have to be consonant salads. That’s the law.

Rather, it’s the moped designation. I can already tell you I’m going to get hate emails from grey-bearded moped purists that don’t want to see this thing classified in the same category as their 1960’s Puch moped.

On the other hand, it’s literally called the “SWFT Maxx Electric Moped” by the company, so don’t kill the messenger here.

It definitely embraces the newer moped classification, which basically means it has two wheels, a step-through design, and a big plushy seat. So yea, there’s that.