SUPER73 unveils new 75 mph light electric motorcycle and multiple new electric bikes, plus kids e-bike

by Micah Toll

SUPER73 teased multiple new electric bicycle models and hinted at a light electric motorcycle. Fortunately for anyone who values their e-bikes with an extra side or two of excess, SUPER73 delivered.

The SUPER73-C1X electric motorcycle concept was unveiled alongside a new entry-level Z-series e-bike, an updated R-Series bike, and a new kid’s electric balance bike.

Anyone who is familiar with SUPER73 already knows that the brand walks a fine line somewhere between “high-powered electric bicycles” and “electric motorcycles that you can park at the bike rack”.

Instead of a high-powered electric bicycle, the C1X gives us a low-powered naked electric motorcycle. SUPER73’s disclaimer underlines the fact this ain’t your typical e-bike anymore: “License, Registration, & Insurance Required”.

The smallish size and 31″ seat height puts it closer to a Honda Grom than a full-sized street bike, and the smaller-format 15″ wheels should keep it fairly nimble.

The bike should be lighter than full-size motorcycles as well, as the company says it has a “target weight of under 300 lb.”

There’s no word yet on how large the battery pack on the SUPER-C1X is, but the company claims it can eke out a maximum city range of 100 miles (160 km).