Ryvid Anthem first ride: Testing a budget electric motorcycle that looks like a million bucks

by Micah Toll

The Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle is one of the most innovative light electric motorcycles we’ve seen in years.

At just $7,800, the Anthem is one of the most affordable highway-capable electric motorcycles on the market.

And keep in mind that this is a US-designed and US-assembled bike too, which makes that price even more impressive.

Terms like “budget-level” and “affordable” get thrown around a lot these days, and the concept of an affordable anything will always be relative. A $7.8k price tag would make for an expensive toothbrush or an affordable house, for example.

And yet it still offers pretty much everything an urban rider needs to get around town, commute from the suburbs to the city and back, and even hop on the highway while keeping up with traffic.

The Ryvid Anthem is a total rethinking of how a motorcycle should be built.