Rivian R1T first impressions: Teleport from sports car to luxury to off-road

by Jared Briggs

If you are a sci-fi fan that enjoyed Star Trek, then you are familiar with the teleportation device that, with the press of a button, can send a person from one location to another. The Rivian R1T might just be the first teleportation device available here on earth.

Of course, it won’t outperform today’s super sports cars but consider the 0-60 in three seconds. Consider the handling with the R1T’s 135kw battery providing a low and balanced center of gravity complemented by the air suspension that deploys all sorts of trickery to lessen roll and maintain composure, and you have a pickup truck that handles like a sports car.

It was time to hit the teleporter button again and beam over to a puddle-laden dirt road in the Pacific Northwest rainforest. In Off Road Rock Crawl, the suspension just soaks up the bumps. Off-Road suspension is the polar opposite of the stiff sports suspension.

I was tempted to go faster but found the mode limits the speed to 20 MPH. Coming on a hill climb, with 835 horsepower and 908lb-ft of torque, the Rivian R1T just levitates. The tire cameras are particularly helpful as it was clear that only side-by-sides had dared to challenge this section of trail.

While traversing the unpaved roads, the most common expression by dirt bikers and Can-Am drivers was the expression, “what is that?” and, “huh?” The avant-garde truck turned heads as it ripped up and down the hills.

The interior has plenty of storage. The back seats have enough space to stow computers, backpacks, and even camping equipment. The center console is cavernous and can also hold multiple bottles and snacks, but it is almost too cavernous and I definitely can see things getting lost in it.