Rivian R1S review and 1st drive: The best SUV ever made?

by Seth Weintraub

One simple fact is going to tell you more than all of the Rivian R1S Review words, images, and video within: I’m in line to buy a Rivian R1S, and after a few days on and off the roads of upstate NY, I’m more excited than ever to get my hands on it.

But if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to tell you about this mighty, electric seven-seat off-road SUV and why it is on my, and many many others’ dream car list – from the perspective of someone who is test-driving their next vehicle.

Rivian R1S vs. R1T From the B-Pillar or front seats forward, there are only two microscopic hardware differences in the R1S and R1T:

• There is a rear windshield wiper activation button on the left steering column stalk on the R1s. Doesn’t exist on R1T. • The (controversial and polarizing) chrome wraparound on the top of the cab. This is the easiest way to tell the difference between an R1T (no chrome) vs. R1S from the front. • Obviously the software on the display is different, but that’s just electrons really.

So, from this perspective, these vehicles are remarkably similar, and they come off the same line at the plant in Normal, Illinois. They have the same monster 11.1 cubic foot frunk.

The same 78-ish inch height and 81.8″ (221 cm) width windows folded, 87.1″ (221 cm) unfolded. Both vehicles weigh in at just under 7,000 lbs. They both offer the same tire options.