Ride1Up 700 Series electric bike review: Incredible bang for your buck in fast urban e-bikes

by Micah Toll

November 15, 2021

Ever since I began riding electric bikes from Ride1Up back in 2018, I’ve found that the company does two things very well. First, it makes classic-looking e-bikes that perform even better than they look. 

Right out of the box, this urban-assault commuter e-bike has everything a rider needs for a potent city e-bike.

Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s got the speed and power to hang with the cars on the road.

The Ride1Up 700 Series is a Class 3 e-bike and thus can send me right up to 28 mph (45 km/h), as long as I give it some honest pedal-assist above Class 2 speeds.

While that rear hub motor may claim a continuous rating of just 500W, it is paired with a 22A controller and 48V battery to provide just over 1,000W of peak power draw. That results in powerful acceleration, whether you’re relying on the throttle or going halfsies with the pedal assist.