Review: GMC’s Hummer EV ‘Super(size)truck’ is excess in all the best ways

by Seth Weintraub

After a few days with this beast, it is clear that this thing has all the bells and whistles – but with a huge 200+ kWh battery, is the Hummer brand still a little excessive?

In October 2020, GM announced that the Hummer would start at $80,000, but that model wouldn’t be available until 2024 at the earliest. The launch version called “Edition 1” price was a little bit steeper.

The biggest differentiator with the Hummer EV vs. every truck that has come before it is the four-wheel steering. The front wheels turn like normal, but the rear wheels can either turn with the front wheels for the aforementioned crab walk or the opposite direction to make the truck steer much sharper.

I don’t think there is much disagreement on the looks of the Hummer EV. While you certainly looks “like a Hummer,” it is also modern and ruggedly handsome. I think it looks even better with the top off and bounding through the dirt.

Something interesting to note is that there are 2x 100kWh battery packs there, and basically the whole black lower side part of the vehicle is battery space. That means it has a deceptively low ground clearance. That said, the air suspension can raise that a bunch, and it handled like a much lighter vehicle in the dirt.

I was able to take the Hummer EV to an Electrify America charging station with less than half of a full charge remaining, so I was hoping to be able to get a 300+kW charge. Unfortunately there were only 150kW chargers available. I was told by GM that they’ve seen over 300kW in tests and with that can add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes of charging.