Review: 2023 Range Rover’s PHEVs double EV range to 50 miles, ahead of full BEV in 2024

by Seth Weintraub

Range Rover brought us to Madrid’s swanky city center, local mountain roads, and nearby off-road tracks to test the new Range Rover PHEVs – the Land Rover Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The result? A new appreciation for the over the top luxury and off road capabilities of the English vehicles, but also what could be waiting in the electric future of Range Rover.

First, I’ll say these are amazing pieces of luxury that drive like a highly specced Mercedes; every amenity is here from air suspension to noise cancelling speakers in the headrests. You are driving in impeccable comfort with epic Meridian sound stage – materials and seat comfort are as good as it gets.

The technology all around is solid, but you’ll likely want to keep the center stack in Android Auto/CarPlay. Spotify is built in as is Alexa voice recognition but overall, Apple and Google will give you a much better experience through your smartphone projection.

One moment you are in the lap of luxury, and the next, it changes to one of the many available off-road modes; this thing will take the whole family into the deep dirt. That’s the Range Rover dream!

But I imagine most, if not all Electrek readers are here to evaluate the electric drivetrain. Luckily the Range Rover PHEV and Sport PHEV both have the same drivetrain, though because the Sport is a bit smaller and more aerodynamic, it will squeeze out a few more miles of electric range.

But after having driven both, the electric performance difference is negligible, so we’ll group most of this into the more general “2023 Range Rover PHEV.”