Polestar to launch its own electric bike as more car companies explore e-bikes

by Micah Toll

Swedish electric automaker Polestar has toyed around with two-wheelers before, but the company looks set to embark on its most ambitious bike project yet with a new electric bicycle model.

The previous and non-electric Polestar bicycle by Allebike

That partnership previously led to a pedal bike, but Polestar appears set to bring batteries into the equation for the latest model.

At the same time, Ingenlath seems to strike a distinction between Polestar and other automotive companies that white label their way to an electric bike.

It’s a move we see all too often, where brands leverage the value of their logo by shopping it out to e-bike companies that hope to make a quick buck off of the name recognition.

Though to be fair, there are plenty of car and motorcycle manufacturers that have honestly developed their own two-wheelers from the ground up.