Mokwheel Scoria review: An electric bike with a built-in power station

by Micah Toll

Mokwheel Scoria Tech Specs Motor: 750W rear hub motor Top speed: 35 km/h (22 mph) Range: Claimed up to 96 km (60 mi) Battery: 48 V 19.6 Ah (940 Wh) Weight: 36 kg (79 lb) Max load: 181 kg (400 lb) Frame: 6061 aluminum Suspension: Front suspension fork

The Mokwheel Scoria looks like a typical step-through fat tire e-bike. And in many ways, that’s just what it is.

But what really sets this thing apart is the optional inverter and solar panel combination that turns it into a rolling battery that can be recharged from the sun.

The base model of the Scoria, which is priced at $1,999, doesn’t come with the extra goodies. You can fork over $2,398 to get the version with the add-on inverter, or $2,997 to get that bundle plus a folding 200W solar panel.

The inverter has a cable that allows it to plug directly into the e-bike, sharing power between the two. On the power station, you’ll find a pair of 120VAC outlets as well as several USB-A and USB-C outlets. There’s even a full power 100W USB-C outlet.