Mercedes-Benz launches EQB electric SUV for ~$50,000

by Fred Lambert

Mercedes-Benz announced the start of sales for its new EQB compact electric SUV today and priced the new vehicle at around $50,000.

It’s a slightly bigger compact SUV than the EQA and aimed at competing in a popular segment against vehicles like the Model Y and Mustang Mach-E.

Today, Mercedes-Benz announced the start of sales in Europe for the new electric vehicle and confirmed the price of the first two versions:

“Stuttgart.  The EQB can now be ordered with prices starting at 55,311.20 euros. In Germany, an environmental bonus of 7500 euros makes this compact electric family car especially attractive.

The EQB offers five seats as standard, and a seven-seater is an option for an extra 1416.10 euros.

After the EQA, the EQB is already the second all-electric compact from Mercedes-EQ.”