Lotus unveils Eletre all-electric hyper-SUV starting around $95K that goes 0-60 in under 3 seconds

by Scooter Doll

Fresh off completion of a new production facility in China this past summer, Lotus Cars has officially launched its all-electric hyper-SUV, the Eletre.

The announcement includes all the pertinent performance specs and pricing from Lotus, showcasing three different available versions promising speed and luxury. It looks pretty damn cool as well, so let’s get into it, shall we?

At the time, Lotus shared several of its targeted specs for the Eletre including range, top speed, acceleration, and charging times.

Furthermore, the Eletre has delivered all its targeted specs and even surpassed some. Have a look at the exterior before we dig into its performance.

That’s right, Lotus is coming out swinging with its first electric SUV – which is also the automaker’s first five-door production vehicle and first lifestyle vehicle to boot.

With the launch of the Eletre, Lotus says it creating “a new breed of pure electric SUVs,” that takes the automaker’s 75 years of expertise in sports cars and evolves it into a lifestyle car.