I tested Awake’s epic 37 mph electric surfboards and survived. Here’s how it went.

by Micah Toll

It was a beautiful morning in Stockholm when I rolled up on a sandy beach, ready for my first electric surfboard experience in two years.

I’m not a complete beginner at e-surfboards, but my couple of sessions over the last few years don’t exactly make me a seasoned professional either.

Even so, I was excited to test out some of the most high-performance electric surfboards in existence: Awake’s RÄVIK boards.

Nothing was going to dampen my excitement, not even the frigid Stockholm water. But I had time to mentally and physically prepare myself for that shock, as the first item on the agenda was familiarizing myself with what the hell these glossy black rockets were before me.

Flo walked my wife and me through the controls and demonstrated how we were supposed ride the board. Lay on your stomach, connect the kill switch, give the wireless controller some throttle, and then rise to your knees, followed by your feet. Simple. Right?

The only thing left to do was to do it. I suited up in the coolest life jacket I’ve ever worn and felt the shock of the freezing water as we strode into the slight surf kicked up by the breeze and passing motorboats.