World first! Charging a Chevy Bolt EV on a Tesla Supercharger using Magic Dock

by Seth Weintraub

We’ve already gone out to one of the 10 Superchargers that are enabled to give our little Chevy Bolt some Tesla juice. Here’s how it went.

The station in Brewster, New York, is about 30 miles from my house, and unfortunately I had pretty close to a full charge on the Bolt when the news came out.

That means when I arrived at the station, I was still close to 80% full even after driving fast. So I wouldn’t get to see what the full charging curve/experience would be like.

Also, there was only one other Tesla charging at the station. That way I didn’t feel bad about blocking other potential users from using the station.

The Chevy Bolt has its charger port on the front driver side vs. the Tesla, which has it at the rear driver’s side.

That means when I pull in, I have to pull into the spot forward and I’m actually taking the spot next to where a Tesla would charge, effectively using two spots. Like I said, there was only one car there so I didn’t try the end chargers.

Before initiating a charge, I made sure the cable would be long enough to reach the Bolt charger, and even though it was a farther reach than a Tesla is, it still reached with relative ease.