This GM plan to capture EV market will only charge up electric vehicle detractors

by Peter Johnson

General Motors believes installing around 40,000 Level 2 (L2) chargers through its Dealer Community Program can help build its position in the new EV era.

However, with L2 chargers taking many hours to charge up an electric vehicle, is this really the experience GM wants for its EV owners?

The automaker’s CEO, Mary Barra, has made it well-known the company is looking to lead the auto industry into a new (electric) era, going as far as to say they will beat current leader Tesla.

One way of doing so, GM believes, is by utilizing its extensive dealership network and driving adoption in untapped markets.

The dealership program is designed to drive EV adoption and access to charging infrastructure in “underserved, rural, and urban areas.”

As part of the program, GM will give its dealers up to ten new UIltium-branded EV chargers to install throughout the community, deploying up to 40,000 chargers in total.