GM offers Chevy Bolt EV owners $6,000 if they promise not to sue over battery fire recall fiasco

by Fred Lambert

General Motors has started offering Chevy Bolt EV owners a $6,000 refund as long as they promise not to sue over the battery fire recall fiasco of last year.

On the other hand, the Bolt EV and EUV were in a strange situation after the major setback of recalling virtually all vehicles ever produced due to a battery fire risk coming from a defect in the battery cells supplied by LG Energy Solutions.

GM ended up doing the right thing and replacing battery modules in all cars, but the automaker has been criticized for delaying the decision to recall the electric vehicles and pushing “software fixes” in the meantime.

That certainly didn’t help sales, but the Bolt EV and EUV were still a good offering at that price point with now good batteries.

Of course, the price reduction has bummed out many existing Bolt EV owners who had to go through the recall and missed out on the lower price.