Full Self-Driving Diary:  A longtime Tesla driver’s perspective on FSD beta

by Chance Miller 

The experience with the FSD Beta over the last seven days has made a few things clear: it’s very much a beta, but it’s very, very impressive when it works.

Radar vs. Tesla Vision I have a 2021 Tesla Model Y, which I took delivery of in December of 2020. Prior to that, I had a 2018 Model 3 – so I am well-versed in what it’s like driving with Autopilot, Navigate On Autopilot, and Autosteer.

My Model Y is equipped with radar hardware, unlike more recent Tesla’s coming out of the factory. 

Until last week, my car was still using its radar hardware for Autopilot, but that changed when I enrolled in FSD last week.

Every Tesla owner has likely experienced “phantom braking,” which is when your car slams on the brakes for no apparent reason on the highway.

Unfortunately, this has become even more common since my car was transitioned entirely to Tesla Vision.