Fucare Libra review: Is this 30 MPH budget-level full-suspension electric moped worth it?

by Micah Toll

Prices for full-suspension electric moped-style e-bikes have been dropping over the last few years, but the Fucare Libra is now pushing them to all-time lows.

Fucare Libra Tech Specs Motor: 750W rear geared hub motor (1,000W peak power, 80 Nm torque) Top speed: 31 mph (50 km/h) Range: 35-60 miles (60-95 km) on pedal assist Batteries: 48V 15Ah 720 Wh Weight: 80.5 lb (36.5 kg) Max capacity: 400 lb (181 kg)

The Fucare Libra falls somewhere between a typical step-through electric bike and a moped-style electric bike.

We often consider moped-style e-bikes to have small diameter yet wide tires, long bench seats, higher top speeds and less-than-optimal pedaling geometries.

The Fucare Libra checks the boxes for moped-style wheels, rear bench seat, coilover rear suspension and high speed.

But it still has a traditional bike seat and actually feels decent for pedaling.