Fucare HU3 electric scooter review: Here’s why I fell in love with this low-cost seated e-scooter

by Micah Toll

This sit-down ride is a fun and easy way to navigate an urban area, as I found in my recent testing.

Fucare HU3 Pro Tech Specs Motor: 500W rear hub motor Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph) • Range: 64 km (40 mi) Battery: 48V 12Ah (576 Wh) Weight: 23 kg (51 lb.) Max load: 136 kg (300 lb.)

Lightweight and minimalist seated electric scooters like the Fucare HU3 fill an important niche in the micromobility industry. They’re more comfortable to ride than standing scooters and yet are much simpler to use and maintain than electric bikes.

When I first saw the Fucare’s release earlier this summer and covered it on Electrek, I knew this was one I was going to have to get my hands on. It took me all summer to make it happen, but I finally got one and began putting the miles on it to see how it rides.

You still get where you’re going, but you do it more comfortably. Your ankles aren’t vibrating. Your knees aren’t getting tired. You can easily put both feet down when you want low-speed stability. There’s just so much to like about seated scooters. The downside though is that they can often be bulky and funny looking, since the seats are usually an afterthought addition. But with the Fucare HU3 Pro, they designed it right from the get-go to look good and function well, even with a seat on it.