First look and test-drive with the Lucid Air Dream Edition: An addictively speedy work of art

by Scooter Doll

October 1, 2021

The Dream Edition Air is as sleek and luxurious as it is functional and efficient. In speaking to an impressively approachable roster of VPs, designers, and operations managers, the quest to deliver the very best within every square inch of the vehicle makes it a site to see.

Exterior Let’s start outside the Air and work our way in. As you can see from the images below, the exterior of Air Dream Edition is both sleek and aerodynamic. It was designed with jet aircrafts in mind, offering a streamlined body that doesn’t give away how truly spacious the EV is inside

Like much of the vehicle itself, these lights were developed with a minimalist approach to stylishly include only what was necessary. Again, evidence of the efficiency throughout every detail inside and out of the Air.

The trunk offers competitive cargo space, but it’s the front trunk storage that really stands out. In fact, Lucid told us that its 280 liters of space is the world’s largest frunk, and its unique one-piece mold recently won the company a design award.

The unobstructed glass canopy roof provides an additional breath of openness, while its infrared light-blocking tint still provides protection and safety from the world above.

Much like the exterior, the displays and vehicle setting interfaces have been minimized and streamlined to only include what you need with a single tap.

Lucid Air Dream Edition test-drive During a brief moment at the AMP-1 event, I was able to sneak away to Lucid’s test-drive section and fortunate enough to find myself inside an Air Dream Edition P (Performance) and its 1,111 horsepower.

The instant torque delivered acceleration more reminiscent of jet travel than a car ride. I came off the on ramp at around 30 mph and immediately punched it – that is where things got interesting.

The initial acceleration from 30 to about 55 or 60 mph was quite fast, but the back of my head was not buried in the headrest… at least not yet. 60 onward was an absolute blink of the eye, and before I could even register what was happening I was going over… okay, let’s just say I was going just a bit over the speed limit

Whether it’s a sprint off the line, or an additional boost while you’re already cookin’, the Dream Edition P is certain to delight drivers who like to go fast. I may or not be shaking as I right this, experiencing speed withdrawals after pushing the Air as fast as my conscience (and heart) could take.