First look: 2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge PHEV boosted to 35 EV miles

by Seth Weintraub

The mid-sized SUV got a nice upgrade this year to 35 miles of all-electric driving in its ‘Pure’ mode.

That puts it into our “if you can commute without using gas, it’s an EV” category, but that wasn’t the only improvement…

The $55,000 2022 XC60 Recharge got a notable battery and EV powertrain upgrade over the previous models.

Up from around 19 miles of all-EV range, the 35 miles in the 2022 version represents a commendable total. The average American commute is under 30 miles round trip.

The battery goes from 11.6 kWh (9.1 kWh usable) to 18.7 kWh (14.8 kWh usable). The bigger battery allows Volvo to qualify for the full $7500 US tax credit (vs. $5500 last year).

As you might imagine, you can charge the battery overnight on a level 1 charger or in three to four hours using a level 2 charger. There isn’t a CCS combo DC fast charging option here.

The electric motor also lept from 87 hp to a significant 142 hp. That means in “Pure” electric-only mode, you can drive around quite well including highway speeds and beyond.