First drive, Nissan Ariya: the stable relationship

by Mikey G

After spending time driving and goofing with the crossover, I realize this vehicle is simply amazing.

I think the Ariya is exactly what the American buying public would want and expect from an EV – the kind of predictable car you can settle down with in the fall and make plans for the future.

But, will someone snatch it up if you go on a summer fling with Tesla?

The Ariya felt like a peppy and smooth ride, especially compared to a stiff SUV (and some crossovers).

The suspension wasn’t tight and precise, but a tiny bit loose and relaxed. Acceleration was as peppy as any EV, something we all expect.

However, Nissan must be using a thick-wound motor, because the peppiness extended to higher speeds as well, offering a punchy jump even starting from a 40 kph jaunt.