First ride experience on Energica’s Italian electric motorcycles: I can’t stop grinning

by Micah Toll

Earlier this year, I was invited to the Nasdaq by the electric vehicle investment company Ideanomics to get a closer look at the company’s newest acquisition: Energica’s high-power racing electric motorcycles.

And while the heart of Manhattan isn’t necessarily the first place you’d think of for a high-powered motorcycle test ride, I still managed to find myself running short on throttle as we pinned it on the highways around the island.

Which highways? I have no idea. I don’t know much about NYC, and admittedly most of my knowledge of the city comes from Seinfeld. I was surprised to learn they had TVs in the cabs – those weren’t in any episode I saw.

But the lack of familiarity with my surroundings was perhaps for the best, as it meant I could focus more about the bikes than trying to recognize familiar sights.

The Energica Ego is the brand’s sportiest racing model, and is a bit more knees-in-the-armpits than I like to ride, so I passed over that model for now.