Elon Musk: I would be shocked if Tesla does not achieve Full Self-Driving that is safer than human drivers this year (and 5 years ahead of everyone)

by Fred Lambert

Elon Musk gave an update on his expected timeline for Tesla achieving Full Self-Driving capability, and he now says that he would be “shocked” if Tesla does not achieve “Full Self-Driving safer than human this year.” We have heard that before.

Since back in 2018, Musk has been predicting that Tesla will solve “full self-driving” next year.

The company made an early bet on hardware for self-driving, and it has since been promising that it can deliver the technology to millions of vehicles already on the road through software updates.

The CEO has updated the language around his predictions a few times.

For example, he previously talked about Tesla delivering a “feature complete” version of “full self-driving, which means that Tesla vehicles would have the capacity to attempt to drive by themselves on both local roads and highways with driver supervision at all times, but the capacity wouldn’t be good.

In short, it can drive through intersections, but it often needs assistance from the driver with the goal that it gets better over time.

Tesla delivered that through its FSD Beta program in 2020, but it was a lot more limited than many people hoped and quite far from Musk’s original promise of Tesla having a million “robotaxis” on the road.

The automaker has made great progress since the release of FSD Beta, which is now being used by almost 60,000 Tesla owners in the US.