ElectricBrands unveils funky ‘Camper’ version of its electric XBUS priced below $40k

by Scooter Doll

While many of the pertinent details of this XBUS Camper variant remain a mystery, ElectricBrands has shared several images and claimed the EV is “at the top of customers’ reservation lists.”

By 2020, the company had conducted feasibility studies, engineered prototypes, and set up the supply chains for industrial production.

A year ago to the day, ElectricBrands delivered the world premiere of it XBUS Fullrunner, opening up its design configurator online as it kicked off a crowdfunding campaign that would garner over one million euros.

In November of 2021, ElectricBrands announced the XBUS 2, built with an off-road chassis.

Special features on the XBUS are recyclability, efficient drive systems, rooftop solar cells, and modular assemblies, which each customer can change independently.

As the startup looks to deliver initial orders of its XBUS next year, it has introduced a new Camper variant that could prove even more successful than the original van, should it reach production.