Electric motorbike maker ONYX unveils new lower-cost CTY2 model as US-built electric moped

by Micah Toll

ONYX Motorbikes, a California-based electric moped manufacturer, has just unveiled a new step-through bike known as the ONYX CTY2.

Company insiders explained to Electrek that the 30 mph (51 km/h) ONYX CTY was outsold over 10:1 by the higher-spec’d top tank style ONYX RCR, which could reach twice the speed of the step-through CTY.

The CTY2’s 60V system is lower power than the 72V system on the RCR, though the 23 Ah battery packs in a hefty 1,380 Wh. ONYX says the battery is sufficient for 60+ miles (96+ km) of range, though that figure is calculated at a slower speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

The design has been updated from the original CTY in a number of ways, as the company explained: We’ve increased the volume of the battery carriage to accommodate a battery that delivers more power and capacity. We’ve moved the speed controller to the bottom of the frame for maximum cooling and airflow performance. Integrated LED Lights – The bike comes with both brake lights and our signature headlight with halo running light and ultra bright high beam.

The CTY2 has pedals but touts its twist throttle as offering “instant torque.”

As it stands, ONYX’s other electric mopeds retain pedals largely as a vestigial feature. They are functional, but pedaling the heavy bikes is not an easy task (the CTY2 will likely be just north of 90 lb or 41 kg). Instead, the pedals provide some marginal support for anyone trying to argue that the moped is in fact an electric bicycle.