Drako Dragon: A new 1.9-sec 0-60 mph electric hypercar in a luxury SUV format

by Fred Lambert

Drako Motors announced its next vehicle: the Drako Dragon, a new hypercar in an SUV format that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds and still deliver on luxury.

The San Jose-based company was founded by Dean Drako, better known as the cofounder and CEO of Barracuda Networks, and Shiv Sikand, an electrical engineer and cofounder of IC Manage.

They repurposed the chassis of the Fisker Karma to create the electric vehicle.

Using an existing chassis resulted in some limitations, but the real product in the Drako GTE was the impressive quad motor architecture with each motor capable of a power range of +225 kW to -225 kW.

We are talking about almost a megawatt of power that can be precisely delivered to wheels to impressively control the torque.

The capacity to send so much positive or negative torque at each wheel is game-changing. The vehicle felt like a railgun on the race track even when cornering hard. Drako always only planned to build two dozen Drako GTEs for over $1 million each, but we suspected that the program was basically just a super expensive test bed for their impressive powertrain, which would then end up in a new electric vehicle.