DeLorean’s Alpha5 EV is a gull-winged sport coupe that does 0-88mph in 4.35s

by Jameson Dow

The original DeLorean came out in 1981, and about 9,000 cars were made. The car is most famous as the time machine used in the 1985 movie Back to the Future.

This new incarnation of the DeLorean Motor Company, founded in 1995, actually shares no relation to the original DeLorean Motor Company, which was founded by John DeLorean in 1975 and went bankrupt in 1982.

The new company acquired the old company’s logo and parts inventory and has mostly worked as a service and restoration company for old DeLorean cars since then.

Its CEO, Joost de Vries, is an EV industry veteran who ran the Roadster service program in the early days of Tesla, then moved on to Karma as sales VP and now DeLorean as CEO.

While it is a whole new company, DeLorean has partnered with Italdesign, the design firm that worked on the original DeLorean, to design the Alpha5.

The design pays slight homage to the original with its gull-wing doors and louvered rear window, but that’s really about where the similarities end.