Current classics: MINI Recharged muscles in on the restomod racket

by Jo Borrás

Thanks to a passionate team of enthusiasts at MINI Plant Oxford, sustainable driving fun is now available in a classic car body – with factory backing!

The MINI Recharged program stuffs an original Mini with pioneering technology in the spirit of making a more circular economy.

“If Alec Issigonis could design the classic Mini again today,” reads the BMW Group press release, “the iconic small car would have an electric motor.”

They might be right about that. After all, the original Mini launched in 1959 in the middle of a European oil crisis and was based from the very beginning on the idea of transporting four occupants and their luggage in the smallest possible footprint, using the least amount of fuel.

And – well, you can’t get much more “least” than zero.

The reactions were so positive that a dedicated team from MINI Plant Oxford set to work and developed the plan to make a factory-backed EV conversion offer available to customers who own (or, would like to own) a classic Mini.