Cadillac Lyriq first drive: A year early and dollar long at $60K

by Seth Weintraub

With Cadillac no longer releasing ICE vehicles and going full EV in just eight short years, it isn’t a stretch to say that the brand is betting the company on the success of its first EV. So, how’d it do?

Cadillac Lyriq appearance First of all, the Lyriq is a stunner in terms of outward appearance. It is a Cadillac first and foremost, for better or worse (mostly better).

That means the distinctive grill, but with a lighted EV twist in what we imagine will be the theme of Cadillacs to come. There’s also lots of angles, vertical lights and other Cadillac trademark lines on the outside.

Inside, it is distinctive luxury top to bottom with premium materials, with lots of high quality buttons and knobs everywhere.

But in a perhaps sarcastic nod to Tesla, opening the glove box is a superfluous menu item on the screen. The screen stack is Google for Autos-based, and it is the most refined version we’ve seen, skinned to match the Cadillac theme. Google maps is integrated nicely and will likely be the preferred method of navigation.

If you are the type of person who loves car camping, there’s about a 6-footers’ room in the back as Ryan from the Kilowatts demonstrates