BYD Han first drive: A sleek introduction to a growing name in foreign EVs

by Scooter Doll

BYD’s EVs may not be sold in the United States, but that wasn’t about to stop me from getting my hands on one.

As the (self-proclaimed) resident expert on Chinese EV automakers here at Electrek, I felt a civic duty to you readers to get behind the wheel of the BYD vehicle, in this case a 2021 Han EV and report my initial thoughts about a brand that is quickly expanding en route to becoming a household name.

Quick background. BYD, short for “Build Your Dreams,” is a Chinese manufacturing conglomerate founded in 1995, of which its BYD Auto subsidiary followed eight years later.

With two decades of automotive experience under its belt, BYD Auto only recently built its final combustion vehicle, leaning further into its current status as one of the world’s largest plug-in EV manufacturers.

BYD’s full embrace of electrification has helped deliver a growing lineup of two separate series of EVs in the Chinese market, including the Han luxury sedan. Most recently, the automaker has looked to expand the global access of its all-electric products as well.

One of the EV models that will be a key offering in BYD’s expansion into Europe will be the Han sedan, and although it may not be for sale in the US, its North American team was able to get us access to one to try out.