All-new Greyp ebike first ride  and review

By Micah Toll

July 12, 2021

All-new Greyp e-bike

The Greyp T5 is designed to tackle everything from a morning commute through the city to a week of bikepacking through the Alps.

Adorning the frame is a host of high-end components that each impact the experience of the ride. While flying fast over dirt trails I had the confidence of a dedicated mountain bike, yet I still felt quick and efficient in the city – not like I was lugging a mountain bike through an urban jungle.

A RockShox Debonair fork with 100 mm of suspension provides proper handling when the terrain gets rough – whether that means tree roots or potholes. It keeps that large 29″ front wheel on the deck where it belongs and saves your wrists from a world of hurt too.

Powering the bike is Greyp’s signature 700 Wh battery that makes up a key design element on the bike. It was originally developed for the G6 as a floating central battery, but now rests in a holder on the downtube.

The MPF mid-drive motor powers the bike up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) in EU settings, though a US model will likely offer higher speeds. The drivetrain includes a SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed with custom Greyp cranks, and a set of high-end Formula Cura dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes bring the bike’s speed back to zero.

But what really sets Greyp’s T5 apart is the embedded technology. All of Greyp’s e-bikes come with a built-in e-SIM that provides constant connectivity to the cloud. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test the app integration yet since I was performing my test a few months ago when the bike was finished but the app was still getting its last few touches.

With both front and rear-mounted wide-angle waterproof cameras, it’s really fun to be able to capture your adventure rides from multiple angles to share later. And with a bike that is also designed for the street, the ability to use the cameras as a dash cam is a huge benefit. You can have them always running to capture your entire commute as an added layer of safety and documentation.