A commuter electric scooter with a hidden trick underneath! Reviewing the ANYHILL UM-2

by Micah Toll

ANYHILL UM-2 Tech Specs Motors: 450W continuous-rated and 750W peak-rated rear hub motor Top speed: 31 km/h (19 mph) Range: Claimed 40 km (25 mi) Battery: 36V 10Ah (360 Wh) Weight: 20 kg (44 lb.) Load capacity: 136 kg (300 lb.)

ANYHILL UM-2 Tech Specs (Cont'd) Brakes: Front drum brake and rear electronic brake Tires: 10″ air-filled tires Price: $899 Extras: LED display, LED headlight and tail light, 3 speed settings, thumb throttle, removable battery, full-width kickstand for extra stability, smartphone application

But almost every scooter that does this uses a built-in battery that isn’t user-accessible and can’t be removed by the rider for charging or security.

There’s a lot more here than just a removable battery, though admittedly that is the big takeaway (no pun intended).

With around 25 miles (40 km) of range, it will likely take riders many years to go through enough battery cycles to feel any appreciable degradation of the battery, but it’s always nice to know that you can easily swap in a new battery when the time comes.