3 things I learned on a rural Florida road trip in my Tesla Model 3

by Michelle Lewis

I recently drove from St. Petersburg, Florida, to Tallahassee, Florida, and back in my Tesla Model 3. It’s a five-hour drive each way, and it was my first real road trip longer in my EV. Here are three things I learned.

How to plan a road trip This was an easy lesson. For Tesla drivers, you already know how this works.

For the Tesla curious, one types (or speaks) the destination into the car’s navigation screen, and the car does the planning for you. I use navigation all the time around my county, so that I know how long it’ll take me to arrive at my destination.

For the longer trip it not only gave me the route, but it also told me where to stop to charge, how long we needed to charge, and what range those charging stops were going to give me, so there’s no need for range anxiety.

Our trip was a five-hour drive. We stopped at Superchargers at Pinellas Park, Crystal River, and Perry, Florida. On the way back, we charged in Tallahassee and skipped Pinellas Park on the way home.

The Pinellas Park Supercharger is next to a Wawa and features eight stalls at 150kW each, and is available 24/7.

The Crystal River Supercharger is also next to a Wawa, featuring eight stalls at 250kW each, and is available 24/7.