Sono Motors unveils a new and improved production design of its Sion solar EV

by Scooter Doll

During its inaugural “Celebrate the Sun” community event held in Munich, Sono Motors debuted the production design of its upcoming Sion solar EV.

Not to be outdone, Sono Motors followed up with an additional world premiere, unveiling its new “Solar Bus Kit” that can be retrofitted on existing city buses to help reduce carbon emissions.

It’s been a long but progressive journey for the Sion, which began as a project out of a garage by cofounders Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians. We at Electrek first covered the Sion in its first iteration when it was still being crowdfunded.

As Sono Motors celebrates the sun in Germany, it has officially unveiled its latest upgrades to the Sion solar EV as it moves ever closer to series production.

Sono unveiled the revamped solar EV to a crowd of over 2,000 in Munich, during its inaugural “Celebrate the Sun” event. The weather in the mid-90s (℉) and record highs throughout Europe can serve as a timely and sobering reminder of climate change, echoing the need for sustainable solutions like solar EVs louder than ever.