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September 1

Uber unleashing 10K EVs across London with Moove deal driven by Tesla Model 3 demand

Uber’s network spans the globe. The ride-share company dominates the US and London markets as it expands its global presence. Meanwhile, Uber is leading the way for a cleaner, sustainable future as it continues adding EV options to its London fleet.

August 8

Tesla Sunshades for Model 3, Model X

Everyone knows that heat shields for your windshield are a must-buy — especially if you live in warmer climates or are commonly parking in direct sunlight. Whether it’s because you need to keep your electronics (i.e. SSD drives) in working order or just keep your seats cool in the summer, keep your new Tesla comfortable and […]

August 12

Tesla stops taking Model 3 Long Range orders as backlog extends to 2023

Tesla has decided to stop taking new orders for its Model 3 Long Range, one of its most popular models, in the United States and Canada. The automaker has adopted this new business model to avoid creating delivery timelines that are super long for customers.

August 8

Best wireless smartphone chargers for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and more

If you’re on the cutting edge of vehicles in the purchase of your all-electric Tesla, chances are you also keep your phone charged via the wireless Qi standard. Current Model 3 and Model Ys have built in Wireless charging but for older models, you’ll need to go the third party route. While you can certainly […]

September 14

2022 Tesla prices: How much does your favorite model cost?

Electrek is brought to you by, the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to get the best prices on a Tesla Model 3 in 2022. If you have a credit card, you can reserve a Tesla now. Learn more and get $500 off for a limited time (See Terms).   In 2022, Tesla continues to reign as the #1 name […]

September 21

China has a new Tesla clone, and it starts at just $26,000

Chinese automaker Changan Automobile has launched a new electric vehicle that strongly resembles the Tesla Model 3, but it starts at just $26,000.

August 8

Best Tesla SSD USB drives for Model 3, Model Y, Model X, Model S

You might not realize it at first, but there are a couple main features your Tesla has that actually require external accessories. These two features — Tesla’s dash cam, and Sentry Mode — both require that you plug in some form of external drive into your car’s USB port to take advantage of them. Tesla will rewrite […]

Tesla Front License Plate Holders & Mounts for Model 3, Model Y, etc

Teslas may be the forward-thinking electric vehicles of the future, but they are still beholden to all the usual rules of the road — and that includes your typical license and registration requirements. Unfortunately, if you live in a front-license-plate state, you have no choice but to mount that plate on the front of your new […]

August 9

Tesla Model 3 and Y become best-selling vehicles in California, pushing EVs to new record

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have become the second-best and best-selling vehicles in California, helping electric vehicle sales reach a new record in the state.

September 22

Tesla’s giant ‘safety recall’ of 1 million vehicles is just another software update

The media has reported today on Tesla having to recall a massive number of electric vehicles in the US, but the fix for the “safety recall” is again just another software update that Tesla has already started to push.

September 12

Tesla brings service workers back to sales for end-of-quarter push

After sending untrained sales workers to work on vehicles amid a service crisis, we now learn that Tesla is bringing the workers back to sales for another end-of-quarter push.

August 30

Tesla shares stunning images of extreme heat and durability testing in Dubai

Tesla shared some rare and stunning images of its internal vehicle testing; this time, for extreme heat and durability testing in Dubai.

Tesla faces class-action lawsuit over Autopilot’s phantom braking problem

Tesla is facing a new proposed class-action lawsuit over the phantom braking problem that has been plaguing Autopilot for years now.

September 13