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Wing Bikes Boondoggle

by George Yorgos | January 15, 2020 at 8:07 pm

Just want to alert the community to avoid purchasing a Wing Bike. I had made a purchase this week and on my first commute to work didn’t feel like the bike was a good fit.

I’m used to a road bike during my commute and felt like the Wing Bike was way too heavy. Also the bike was not as advertised on their site including a different configuration of handlebar, and didnt come with a seat bolt, so I cannot adjust the height of my ride.

As a company that I assumed would stand behind their product I asked for a refund but was told that they would not accept a return since it was over 5 miles (my commute is 4 miles each way so odometer reads 8).

Anyway I just want to let you all know to avoid this product at all costs.