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Wing Bikes Boondoggle

by George Yorgos | January 15, 2020 at 8:07 pm

Just want to alert the community to avoid purchasing a Wing Bike. I had made a purchase this week and on my first commute to work didn’t feel like the bike was a good fit.

I’m used to a road bike during my commute and felt like the Wing Bike was way too heavy. Also the bike was not as advertised on their site including a different configuration of handlebar, and didnt come with a seat bolt, so I cannot adjust the height of my ride.

As a company that I assumed would stand behind their product I asked for a refund but was told that they would not accept a return since it was over 5 miles (my commute is 4 miles each way so odometer reads 8).

Anyway I just want to let you all know to avoid this product at all costs.

  • Hi, reading this made me sad and surprised. As a customer who purchase this kind of high-tech products (well not so high-tech anymore but not a conventional product too) we are looking forward to have better customer relations. I don’t know an exact solution but in many different cases about different products, i got what i want by using social media. Maybe you can try to create a supportive community by sharing the problem via your own social media accounts and tagging the company, as you did here, and they may change their idea.

    Where did you purchase the bike, from a dealer or directly from website?
    Did you contact with the dealer or directly with the company?