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What’s your favorite affordable electric motorcycle?

by Micah Toll | July 1, 2019 at 3:25 pm

As electric motorcycles become more popular, there are a number of new options. A lot of them seem to follow the low volume, high cost, premium build strategy though.

What are your favorite lower cost e-motos?

I currently ride a 2019 CSC City Slicker urban electric motorcycle (about $2.9k) and a 2019 Zero FXS (about $10.5k).

I can’t wait to try out a SuperSOCO TC Max, but haven’t gotten any saddle time on one yet (except for sitting on a display model, which isn’t quite as rewarding as true riding!)

    • Not sure if it counts but I have my eye on the new Sur Ron from Luna which has a Gates Belt Drive and an ASI 8000 controller

    • I’m looking at a 4000w 60v 40ah citycoco type scooter (as scooter I mean the motorcycle type ) check it out, maybe you got more information about it than me. It’s the ES8008 model from 4scooter.com, it’s a Chinese model that’s why I’m giving it a nice search and contacting the factory and distributors. It’s similar to a 50cc gas scooter in power, gets advertised 75km/h and 80km max range with portable lithium battery


      • I am building my own! I have a 93′ Vespa PX200E, which i ‘m following a renewal and electrification project on it. On the other hand i’m sharing videos on my Youtube channel “220 Garage”. Current Covid-19 epidemic affected my project timing but i hope i’ll ride the motorcycle at the end of July latest.
        Super Soco is a popular alternative in Turkey but me neither got the chance of riding it. People usually purchasing cheaper, local built, low quality electric motorcycles.
        They have ugly bodies with non-efficient electric motors powered by gel battery systems.