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May 7

Waymo self-driving cars coming to Lyft’s network in Phoenix

With Waymo One last year, the Alphabet division finally began monetizing its decade-long work in autonomous vehicles. Another revenue source for Waymo is making its self-driving cars available on other ride-sharing networks. The company is now partnering with Lyft to provide self-driving cars for riders in Metro Phoenix.

March 6

Waymo selling its custom-built LIDAR sensor to robotics, security customers ‘outside’ of AV

In addition to operating a Lyft/Uber competitor, commercial trucks, and possibly licensing self-driving tech to carmakers, Waymo has another way to monetize its decade-long work on autonomous vehicles (AV). The Alphabet division will begin selling LIDAR sensors to robotic, security, and other companies that don’t directly compete with it.

February 26

Google optimizing wind farms with DeepMind ML to predict power output by 36 hours

One of the first applications of DeepMind at Google was to reduce and now control power usage at its data centers. Google is now leveraging machine learning to make more efficient wind farms by predicting wind power output 36 hours in advance.

February 12

Makani graduates to independent Alphabet company, bringing wind kites offshore with Shell

In other energy-related developments today, Alphabet’s Makani energy kite project is graduating from the X Moonshot Factory. It is partnering with oil and gas giant Shell to expand to offshore environments as part of becoming an independent Alphabet company.

GV invests in Dandelion Energy after geothermal heating/cooling startup spun out from Alphabet

Projects in the X Moonshot Factory often graduate to independent companies within the Alphabet umbrella. Other times they leaves the research lab without any affiliation, as was the case with Dandelion Energy. GV and Comcast Ventures today announced a $16 million investment in the geothermal-based home heating and cooling solution.

February 5

Waymo reportedly in talks with Renault-Nissan Alliance on self-driving partnership

Besides offering a Lyft and Uber competitor, Waymo is also exploring self-driving trucks as it makes its technology available to carmakers in order to monetize its decade-long work on autonomy. A report today revealed a possible partnership with the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance.

January 22

Waymo planning Michigan factory to retrofit Chrysler Pacifica, Jaguar I-Pace w/ self-driving tech

Late last year, Waymo One launched as Alphabet’s public self-driving car service in Phoenix, thus culminating an almost decade-long research project. Waymo now has to build more cars ahead of future expansion, with the company choosing Michigan to manufacture additional autonomous vehicles.

December 17, 2018

Solar race spawned Lightyear plans to partner with Dutch-based car leasing service LeasePlan to release the first consumer solar-based vehicle by 2020. Lightyear has been aiming to create a consumer version of an energy positive solar vehicle for years now, effectively meaning they produce more energy than they consume.

Further, today’s press release also details that Lightyear this week will open its primary production factory at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, Netherlands.

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Audi e-tron GT Concept: test drive video roundup

Last week, Audi flew us to Abu Dhabi to test drive their e-tron SUVElectrek’s Fred Lambert wasn’t shy in expressing his favorable first impressions he had with the vehicle. Dubbing it “the best looking SUV they could make which just happens to be electric”, Audi looks to have a promising future in the EV space.

November 5, 2018

As electric airplanes seem riper than ever for takeoff, Air Race E is seeking to accelerate the adoption and acceptance of electric aviation with a (hopefully) highly-entertaining, high-speed, all-electric airplane race. expand full story

October 30, 2018

Waymo can now test driverless cars in California, planing ‘opportunities’ for the public

Earlier this month, Waymo announced that its autonomous vehicles have driven 10 million miles since 2009 across 25 cities in the United States. Now, California has just authorized the Alphabet division to begin driverless testing on public roads.

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