Big Oil and Big Tobacco use same tactics to mislead the public, says new report

Oil giant ExxonMobil is headed to federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday, October 23 — and that legal battle may closely resemble similar battles in the tobacco industry. The State of New York is suing ExxonMobil on charges that the company misled its investors about the climate crisis. And today, scientists at Harvard, George Mason, and Bristol universities released a report, “America Misled: How the Fossil Fuel Industry Deliberately Misled Americans About Climate Change.”

Earlier this year, we contacted several owners with high-mileage Model 3 vehicles and they were all still very impressed by their cars, but now another Tesla owner pushed his Model 3 even further.

Here’s what the first Tesla owner to travel 100,000 miles in his Model 3 has to say about the electric car. expand full story

The Curtiss Hades electric motorcycle was first unveiled earlier this summer. It quickly became the electric motorcycle seen round-the-internet after its appearance received certain anatomical comparisons.

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The UAW strike of GM workers is interestingly making the automaker reveal some of its plans for electrification as part of the negotiations with the union.

One interesting thing to come out is that GM might revive the Hummer brand with electric vehicles. expand full story

Tesla Model Y prototype sightings are ramping up and now one Model Y was spotted next to a Model 3 giving a rare perspective on the difference in size between the electric cars. expand full story

The saying with electric bicycles (and many other things, to be fair) goes something to the effect of “You can have it good, fast, or cheap. Pick two.” But the Aventon Pace 500 electric bicycle comes dangerously close to giving us all three, as I discovered while testing the bike for our latest review expand full story

There’s been no shortage of crazy occurrences captured by Tesla’s dashcam and sentry mode features lately, many of which have gone viral.  Lots of these videos have involved Tesla crashes, random incidents of vandalism, or just fun stuff like a car stopping for some bears crossing the road.

But TMC forum user “rajetta” may be the most relieved owner of all the stories we’ve heard yet.  He posted Tesla dashcam video of an incident he had with a motorcycle on the highway, which could have cost him potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills were it not for this video footage.

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It has already been two years since Tesla unveiled the prototype for its next-generation Roadster, and it will probably be another one or two years before it hits production, but it apparently will be worth the wait.

Tesla’s chief designer says that the vehicle is “evolving.” expand full story

A Tesla owner driving in Montana on Autopilot says that his car stopped on its own when it detected a bear and her cubs in the middle of the road.

The whole incident was captured by Tesla’s integrated dashcam feature. expand full story

If you’ve done a double take recently after seeing an otherwise unassuming cyclist fly past you or up a steep hill without the typical huffing and puffing, you’re not crazy. You’ve probably seen one of many electric bicycles in a quickly growing wave of e-bike adoption.

And Giant’s massive e-bike sales predictions for this year further underscore the rate at which consumers are switching to electric bicycles.

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