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Tesla Supercharger Stories September 22

Tesla announces over 200 V3 Superchargers coming to Los Angeles

Tesla has announced a significant expansion of its Supercharger network in the Los Angeles area with over 200 Supercharger V3 stalls coming to the important market.

Tesla Supercharger Stories September 15

Tesla is building new massive Supercharger, could become world’s largest

Tesla is building a new massive Supercharger station that will likely become the new biggest station on Tesla’s network worldwide.

Tesla Supercharger Stories September 12

Tesla bug allows other electric cars to charge for free at new Superchargers

Non-Tesla electric car owners were surprised to find out that they can charge, technically for free, at new V3 Superchargers in Europe, where Tesla now uses the common CCS standard. It appears to be a bug and not a feature, though.

Tesla Supercharger Stories September 10

Tesla promises more urban Superchargers in Europe to support growth

Tesla deployed a new urban Supercharger V3 in Berlin and promises to deploy more urban Supercharger stations to support growth in Europe.

Tesla Supercharger Stories July 8

Tesla hires guy behind Apple Pay to lead Supercharger experience. What you want to improve?

Tesla has hired the product manager behind Apple Pay to lead the Supercharger experience. What improvements would you like to see?

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 29

Elon Musk: Tesla is speeding up production and installations of Supercharger V3

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla’s slower deployment of Supercharger V3 was due to production, but it is now ramping up.

Tesla Supercharger Stories May 14

Check out Tesla’s impressive chart of pandemic’s impact on Supercharger use

Elon Musk released an impressive chart of the impact of the pandemic on Tesla Supercharger use over the last few months.

Tesla Supercharger Stories February 26

Tesla signs Supercharger deal with NJ Turnpike, pays for other EV charging too

Tesla has signed a deal with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to massively expand its Tesla Supercharger presence at Turnpike Service Areas, as well as build utility infrastructure for non-Tesla charging stations.

Tesla Supercharger Stories January 13

Tesla updates Supercharger billing to add cost of electricity use for other than charging

Tesla has updated its Supercharger billing policy to add the cost of electricity use for things other than charging, like HVAC, battery thermal management, etc, while charging at a Supercharger station.

Tesla Supercharger Stories January 1

Tesla updates 2020 Supercharger map with new locations

Tesla has updated its Supercharger map for 2020 with a bunch of new locations and routes to be covered by the fast-charging network.

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