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Tesla Motors Stories March 24, 2016

Tesla’s VP of Finance and Worldwide Controller leaves for Amazon

In just the past few weeks, Tesla lost 2 Vice-Presidents. Last week, we reported on Tesla’s Vice President of Global Communications Ricardo Reyes leaving the company, and now we learn that the automaker’s VP of Finance and Worldwide Controller is leaving to return to Amazon as VP of Finance. Michael Zanoni joined Tesla from Amazon […]

Tesla Motors Stories December 3, 2013

Tesla pushes back Supercharger station rollout moving Fall and Winter into “Coming Soon” category

Tesla rejiggered its Supercharger map today moving Fall and Winter 2013 into a “Coming Soon” category. Fall is a few weeks from being over and it was clear Tesla wouldn’t be able to make the deadline on many of its stations, especially in the east coast where things have all but stalled in the Supercharger […]

Tesla Motors Stories December 31, 2013

Tesla ends the year with 50 US superchargers and most of the East and West Coast covered

What you are looking at above is the state of the Tesla Supercharger network on The last day of 2013/first day of 2014.  Tesla counts 50 Superchargers in the US (1 per state!) and another 14 in Europe. While Elon Musk originally planned to take his family on a Christmas holiday across the country, there […]

Tesla Motors Stories January 16, 2014

Panasonic and Solar City would be likely partners in Tesla’s US Battery ‘Giga-factory’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk yesterday said that the company was partnering with other companies in building its battery Giga-factory, a plant that he said that is far larger than any other battery factory on earth. Why? If Tesla is going to go mas market with its Model E, it is going to need to get […]

Tesla Motors Stories January 17, 2014

You can now drive across the country or the whole Eastern Seaboard on the Tesla Supercharged highway

Tesla updated the Supercharger map again this morning and it now appears that all of the major gaps on the east coast (Savannah,Georgia) and the biggest cross country (Macedonia, OH, Wyoming) have been filled and it is now theoretically possible to drive a Tesla from Vancouver BC to San Diego California to Boston Massachusetts down […]

Tesla Motors Stories July 29, 2013

Florida gets supercharged with 2 new Tesla supercharger stations in Ft. Myers and Port St. Lucie

The next step in lighting up the east cost is complete with the east and west side of Florida getting getting superchargers. The new addresses: Port St. Lucie, FLI-95 Exit 1211773 N.W. St. Lucie W. Blvd Port St. Lucie, FL 34986 Fort Myers, FLI-75 Exit 128 9903 Gulf Coast Main St Fort Myers, FL 33913 2 […]

Tesla Motors Stories February 18, 2016

Tesla adds stylish $400 leather jackets to its ‘Design Collection’ [Gallery]

Like most luxury automakers, Tesla offers accessories made from automotive-grade leather, sometimes even leftovers from making the interior of its vehicles, which is an interesting way for the manufacturer to promote its brand while reducing upholstery losses. The company rarely updates its collection since launching it in 2014 with travel bags, gloves and purses, but […]

Tesla Motors Stories February 8, 2016

Tesla to offer free charging at home and power its Supercharger network with 100% renewable energy in Sweden

Building on the momentum Tesla is currently experiencing in Sweden with 271% growth in sales in 2015 based on registration data, the automaker is announcing an interesting partnership with Swedish electric utility Skellefteå Kraft to supply the Supercharger network in Sweden with 100% renewable energy and offer Tesla owners completely free charging at home.

Tesla Motors Stories January 11, 2016

Tesla’s Autopilot is now better than humans at highway driving – Elon Musk press conference for the release of software v7.1

Elon Musk held a press conference with Q&A yesterday for the release of Tesla’s software update v7.1 for the Model S and X. You can find a recording of the call below and a few highlights of the discussion.

Tesla Motors Stories January 12, 2016

Tesla’s sales were flat in Norway in 2015, but December looks encouraging

Tesla had an incredible year for sales and deliveries in 2015. The California-based automaker delivered 50,580 vehicles last year, which represents a 60% increase over the previous year. It’s hard to find any weaknesses with such an incredible sales performance. Yet the company increased its deliveries in almost all markets but Norway, where according to […]

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