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Tesla Stories September 24

Tesla is building Cybertruck Supercharger stalls

Tesla is building new Supercharger stalls just for the Cybertruck, its upcoming pickup truck, according to new documents.

Tesla Stories September 22

Tesla announces over 200 V3 Superchargers coming to Los Angeles

Tesla has announced a significant expansion of its Supercharger network in the Los Angeles area with over 200 Supercharger V3 stalls coming to the important market.

Tesla Stories September 15

Tesla is building new massive Supercharger, could become world’s largest

Tesla is building a new massive Supercharger station that will likely become the new biggest station on Tesla’s network worldwide.

Tesla Stories September 12

Tesla bug allows other electric cars to charge for free at new Superchargers

Non-Tesla electric car owners were surprised to find out that they can charge, technically for free, at new V3 Superchargers in Europe, where Tesla now uses the common CCS standard. It appears to be a bug and not a feature, though.

Tesla Stories September 10

Tesla promises more urban Superchargers in Europe to support growth

Tesla deployed a new urban Supercharger V3 in Berlin and promises to deploy more urban Supercharger stations to support growth in Europe.

Tesla Stories September 5

Tesla owners band together to put trash cans at Superchargers and keep them clean

Tesla owners have banded together through an owners’ club in California to put trash cans at Superchargers and keep the charging stations clean.

Tesla Stories September 17

Tesla Powerpacks batteries deployed at ~60 Electrify America charging stations, more are coming

Tesla has deployed Powerpack battery systems at around 60 Electrify America charging stations, and more are coming by the end of the year.

Tesla Stories September 4

Tesla is finally going to Nikola Tesla’s home country

After years of waiting, Tesla is finally expanding to Croatia, the home country of the automaker’s namesake, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Stories August 27

The Big Tesla Hack: A hacker gained control over the entire fleet, but fortunately he’s a good guy

A few years ago, a hacker managed to exploit vulnerabilities in Tesla’s servers to gain access and control over the automaker’s entire fleet.

Tesla Stories August 17

Tesla asks owners to help ‘relieve stress on grid’ during heat wave in California, charge off-peak

Tesla is using its connected cars to ask owners to help “relieve ‘stress on grid” during the heat wave in California by changing their charging habits if possible.

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