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July 7

Tesla Solar Panels and Roof: Pricing and how to buy

Tesla, mostly known for its electric cars, has recently revamped its solar business with new pricing and products, like the solar roof tiles, also known as Solarglass. In this post, we look at the pricing and how to buy those products.

July 13

Tesla Cybertruck deployable solar concept is insane but might not be too far out

Tesla Cybertruck is going to be the first Tesla vehicle with solar power. A new concept video of the electric pickup truck with deployable solar may look insane, but it might not too far out.

June 26

Tesla Solar Roof review from owner after 3 months shows incredible results

A family who has had a Tesla Solar Roof for the last 3 months has released a fun video review that shows some impressive results.

June 19

Tesla Model 3 gets a solar roof thanks to Lightyear

A Tesla Model 3 has been modified with a solar roof as part of Lightyear’s solar car development program.

July 14

Tesla shares stories of customers ‘printing money’ with solar power

Tesla has released several stories from customers who are “printing money” with Tesla’s latest solar power offerings, including its new subscription solar.

June 19

Tesla releases new solar panel, slashes prices

Tesla has released a new, more powerful solar panel and slashed the price of its solar installations as it attempts to ramp up its energy division.

June 30

Tesla to send up to 1,000 Powerwalls to Vermont per year under new deal

Tesla will deploy up to 1,000 Powerwalls in Vermont per year under two new programs with a longtime partner.

June 20

Tesla Solar now 30% less expensive than industry average with new pricing

Tesla has updated its solar panel offering with new pricing and it now claims to be “one-third less expensive than the average solar industry” prices.

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June 11

Tesla starts canceling Solar Roof orders after years of taking deposits

Tesla has started reaching out to some Solar Roof reservation holders to let them know that they are canceling their orders because they don’t cover their area. Some owners are understandably upset after having placed deposits years ago.

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