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May 28

Nissan will add only one new EV in the US through 2023

Nissan yesterday unveiled its four-year growth plan. The Japanese automaker will “right-size” its production capacity and streamline unprofitable parts of its business. At the same time, Nissan said it would invest in areas of strength, such as sports cars and electric vehicles. That said, Nissan will introduce the Ariya EV to the US in 2021, […]

May 8

First Lexus EV comes with 1 million-km warranty for its air-cooled battery

The Lexus UX 300e, the luxury brand’s first EV, is on sale in China now and hits Europe later this year. Lexus in Europe announced today that the crossover’s air-cooled 54.3-kilowatt-hour battery will come with a 10-year, 1 million-kilometer (621,000-mile) warranty. The Lexus UX300e joins the Nissan Leaf as one of the few EVs with […]

May 4

Nissan plans to rely more on partnerships for EV production

At the end of the month, Nissan will present its new “operational performance plan.” Early media reports show that Nissan will expand cooperation with Mitsubishi for plug-in hybrids in Asia and Renault for EVs in Europe. Plans for the Ariya, a new all-electric crossover, remain murky.

April 28

CHAdeMO and China release new EV quick-charging standard, in a bid to leapfrog the industry

On April 24, the CHAdeMO Association released the 3.0 version of its charging protocol. It was co-developed by the China Electricity Council, setting up a global battle of EV quick-charging protocols between a Japan-China alliance – and automakers in Europe and the US that use the CCS standard.

April 15

Study of Nissan Leaf EV price in 49 countries shows shocking range in cost

Compare the Market, a UK-based car insurance comparison website, looked up the price of a Nissan Leaf in 49 countries. It pulled the offered price right from the official Nissan website of the latest model in February 2020. The lowest price was $28,620 in Spain. The steepest Leaf price was in Singapore at $110,326.

April 21

Tesla Model 3 fleet is delivered to Thai police who turns them into patrol cars

Tesla delivered a whole fleet of Model 3 electric cars to the Thai police who turned them into police patrol cars.

April 28

Tesla owners in the UK drive more miles per year than in any other brand

The UK’s RAC Foundation, a transport policy group, studied the mileage covered by motorists in Great Britain. RAC discovered that Tesla drivers cover more miles per year, on average, that owners of any other car.

May 19

Tesla quietly adds bidirectional charging capability for game-changing new features [Updated]

Electrek has learned that Tesla has quietly made Model 3, and likely Model Y, ready for bidirectional charging, which should enable some game-changing features in the near future.

May 28

Gogoro unveils 26 lb Eeyo 1 electric bike, shows off innovative new Smartwheel

If you’re already familiar with Gogoro, it’s probably from their hugely popular electric scooters and novel battery-swapping program. In their domestic market of Taiwan, Gogoro dominates the electric scooter market and touts over 1 billion miles (1.6 billion km) traveled on their 300,000 electric scooters with over 100 million battery swaps so far. Now Gogoro […]

April 16

Quick Charge Podcast: April 16, 2020

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