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Tesla Stories Yesterday

Tesla now has 2 of top 3 most American-made cars

Tesla has sneaked its way to the top of the list of the most American-made cars. Now the electric automaker has two of the top three vehicles in’s American Made-Index.

Tesla Stories May 25

Tesla has over 1 million Cybertruck reservations in latest tally

Tesla has already accumulated over 1 million Cybertruck reservations, according to the latest tally. The electric pickup truck still has strong momentum.

Tesla Stories April 26

Tesla to build a battery and motor recycling facility at Gigafactory Shanghai

Tesla is preparing to build a new battery cell and electric motor recycling facility at its Gigafactory Shanghai in China, according to documents filed with the local authorities.

Tesla Model 3 becomes best-selling premium sedan in the world

Tesla announced that the Model 3 has become the best-selling premium sedan in the world – beating the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Exports of made-in-China Model 3 vehicles helped Tesla achieve this milestone.

Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2021 earnings preview: Here’s what people are expecting

Tesla (TSLA) is set to announce its first-quarter 2021 financial results today, April 26, after the markets close. As usual, a conference call and Q&A with Tesla’s management is scheduled after the results. We’ll take a look below at what both the street and retail investors are expecting for the quarterly results.

Tesla Stories March 9

Tesla (TSLA) surges on record performance in China and target raise

After a difficult few weeks for Tesla investors, the automaker’s stock (TSLA) is now surging on record performance in China and a Wall Street target raise.

Tesla Stories February 25

Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell to be produced at LG Korean factory

LG is reportedly preparing to produce Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell at a pilot production line at its own factory in South Korea.

Tesla shuts down Model 3 production line for 2 weeks amid chip shortage

Tesla is shutting down a Model 3 production line at the Fremont, California, factory for two weeks amid an industrywide microchip shortage.

Tesla Stories February 12

Elon Musk reveals surprisingly small battery pack in Tesla Semi electric truck

Elon Musk revealed the expected capacity of Tesla Semi’s battery pack ahead of the start of production, and it is surprisingly smaller than we thought.

Tesla Stories February 3

Panasonic plans to deploy Tesla 4680 battery cell production later this year

Panasonic confirmed that it plans to set up Tesla 4680 battery cell production at GIgafactory Nevada later this year. They expect higher revenue from the Tesla partnership.

Tesla Stories January 25

Tesla refers to ‘Semi-Truck production lines’ at Gigafactory Nevada in new job posting

Tesla has referred to “Semi-Truck production lines” at Gigafactory Nevada in a new job posting – hinting at actual production of the Tesla Semi electric truck at the factory.

Tesla Stories January 15

Tesla (TSLA) stock gets new $950 price target on arguably conservative delivery projection

Tesla (TSLA) stock is getting a new Wall Street-high $950 price target, and it’s arguably based on a conservative delivery projection.

Tesla Stories January 12

Tesla factory locations: Where they are and could soon be

As Tesla’s stock currently continues to rise along with its current market cap valuation approaching $800 billion, it’s safe the say the American EV automaker is doing okay. Tesla currently produces four electric vehicles at its various factory locations around the world. These Gigafactories also produce battery and solar technologies for the brand. With a […]

Tesla Stories January 13

Tesla (TSLA) could be a $2 trillion company in just ‘1 or 2 years,’ says top Wall Street analyst

Tesla (TSLA) could be worth 1$ to $2 trillion in just “1 or 2 years,” according to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives.

Tesla Stories January 4

Tesla (TSLA) announces a new battery cell deal with Panasonic

Tesla (TSLA) has announced a new battery cell deal with Panasonic through an SEC filing today. It’s the latest of many recent moves from Tesla in an attempt to secure a large battery cell supply to support its ambitious expansion goals.

Tesla Stories December 17, 2020

Tesla Cybertruck remote-controlled electric truck is delayed

The Tesla Cybertruck remote-controlled toys made by Mattel’s Hot Wheels has been delayed. Hopefully, it won’t be followed by a delay for the actual electric pickup truck.

Tesla Stories November 24, 2020

Tesla’s first full battery cell factory will produce up to 250 GWh — roughly the current world capacity

Tesla’s first full-scale battery cell factory, which is located at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, will produce up to 250 GWh, according to new comments from Elon Musk. That’s roughly the current world battery cell production capacity.

Elon Musk talks new Tesla model to be designed in Europe: likely a small electric hatchback

Elon Musk made rare new comments about a new Tesla model to be designed in Europe, more specifically Berlin. The CEO says that it’s likely going to be a small electric hatchback.

Tesla Stories November 5, 2020

Elon Musk is going to Tesla Gigafactory Berlin to boost hiring effort, will personally interview candidates

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that he is going to Tesla Gigafactory Berlin today to boost the local hiring effort, and he will personally interview candidates.

Tesla Stories October 6, 2020

Tesla says it caught ‘malicious sabotage’ at Fremont factory

Tesla reportedly caught an employee engaging in “malicious sabotage” at its Fremont factory, according to an internal email to employees.

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