December 7

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including our Audi e-tron first drive review, Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range gets its EPA rating, the Boring Company will have a new product unveiling, and more.

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December 8

Tesla is offering a rare glimpse inside Gigafactory 1 by opening the doors to the local media following a report on the impact of the plant’s rapid expansion on the local community.

We get to see Panasonic’s battery cell production and Tesla’s battery pack and drivetrain production. expand full story

December 4

Battery manufacturing companies are adding capacity to try to keep up with automakers going electric and the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

With this trend, SK Innovation announced today a new $1.67 billion investment to build an electric vehicle (EV) battery gigafactory in the US. expand full story

December 3

Tesla is supposed to bring Model Y, its upcoming small electric SUV, to production quite fast and yet, it doesn’t have a factory officially assigned to it.

Today, leaked documents reportedly reveal more about Tesla’s plans to build Model Y at Gigafactory 1 by end of 2020, have another production line in the China Gigafactory 3 a few months later, and have a third-row seat. expand full story

November 22

Tesla is taking more steps to accelerate its effort to establish manufacturing capacity in China in order to get around the increasing import tariffs. The automaker is now expanding its hiring effort at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. expand full story

November 20

Tesla has long been saying that it is leading competition in terms of battery costs, but now a report is backing up their claims as UBS says that Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 batteries made by Panasonic have a 20% cost advantage over LG. expand full story

November 17

Tesla is ramping production at Gigafactory 2, where they manufacture their solar roof tiles and where Panasonic manufactures exclusive solar panels for the company.

Now they are releasing rare new images of inside the factory. expand full story

November 16

Riding on the success of its first giant battery project in South Australia, Tesla is getting a lot of demand for more energy storage projects in the country. The company has now deployed another big 50 MWh Powerpack project in Australia. expand full story

November 15

Satellite images show that Tesla could fit a building the size of the planned Gigafacoty 1 at its new site in China. Though the automaker probably won’t – at least for now. expand full story

November 13

The German government doesn’t like to see its local automakers rely on battery cells from Asia to build electric vehicles, which is why it announced today a 1 billion euro investment to support local battery cell production. expand full story

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