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Tesla Model 3 Stories October 15, 2016

Tesla is building new ‘drive unit production lines’ at the Gigafactory, will not only manufacture battery packs

The Tesla Gigafactory is key to the automaker’s planned production ramp up to 500,000 cars per year by 2018. It is expected to both significantly reduce the cost of Tesla’s battery packs, which will enable Tesla to reach the $35,000 price point for the Model 3, and to secure a large supply of battery cells. […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories May 20, 2016

Panasonic says it’s ready to accelerate its Tesla Gigafactory investment to support the Model 3

During the recent conference call with analysts for Tesla’s first quarter 2016, co-founder and CTO JB Straubel said that we shouldn’t focus too much on Tesla’s previously stated goal of 35 GWh of battery cell production at the Gigafactory, and 50 GWh of battery pack output. Straubel said that Tesla was prepared to adjust the […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories June 29, 2016

Tesla is flying 12 lucky Model 3 reservation holders to the Gigafactory Grand Opening all-expenses paid

The Tesla Gigafactory 1 is the Chocolate Factory and Elon Musk is Willy Wonka! Tesla quietly created a ‘Golden Ticket’ drawing for all the Model 3 reservation holders who placed a pre-order during the first day and randomly selected 12 winners to receive an all-expenses paid trip to the Gigafactory Grand Opening.

Tesla Model 3 Stories June 19, 2017

Tesla is starting Model 3 battery cell production at Gigafactory 1 ‘right now’

Tesla has confirmed that it started production of the new Model 3 battery cell at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada over the weekend – an important step toward launching the production of the Model 3. The new battery cells are believed to be key to Tesla achieving the necessary cost reductions that enable the Model 3’s […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories October 31, 2017

Tesla Model 3 bottleneck confirmed to be at Gigafactory 1, Panasonic CEO says should be resolved ‘soon’

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted that Gigafactory 1 in Nevada could be one of the “production bottlenecks” slowing the Model 3 production ramp. Now it looks like it’s confirmed as Panasonic, Tesla’s battery cell manufacturing partner at the factory, comments on the situation.

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 10, 2017

Tesla reveals more details about ‘Gigafactory 1’: Model 3 battery pack, largest rooftop solar array in the world (70MW), & more

Tesla held an event for investors at the Gigafactory in Nevada last week and more information is now coming out of it. We already reported on Tesla disclosing the start of battery cell production during the event and CEO Elon Musk commenting about Trump’s stance on renewables potentially changing. Now the company has released more […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories December 22, 2016

Tesla Gigafactory: new drone video shows progress on south and north expansions ahead of battery cell production

The latest drone footage taken at the Tesla Gigafactory site in Nevada shows progress on south and north expansions of the battery plant ahead of the impending production ramp of the second generation of Tesla Energy production, Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2, and the start of battery cell production by Panasonic.

Tesla Model 3 Stories August 29, 2017

Tesla Model 3 inaugurates ‘game changer’ Infinity highway near Gigafactory

The completion of a new highway was part of Tesla’s deal with the state of Nevada when they chose Sparks for the location of their first Gigafactory to produce batteries. Now the automaker brought a new Model 3 to inaugurate the ‘game changer’ highway near Gigafactory 1.

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 21, 2016

Tesla Model 3 ‘walkaround’ at the Gigafactory [Video]

It looks like Motor Trend is trying to redeem itself following last week’s Apple car fiasco. The car review magazine managed to convince Tesla to get a few hours with a Model 3 prototype for a photoshoot at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.

Tesla Model 3 Stories August 31, 2016

Tesla (TSLA) says it’s currently planning another round of financing for Model 3 and Gigafactory

At the end of last quarter, Tesla had a bigger cash position than ever before with $3.25 billion in principal sources of liquidity – thanks to its recent $1.7 billion stock offering, which was announced to finance the expansion of Tesla’s manufacturing effort for the Model 3 following the increased demand. Now it looks like Tesla […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories October 26, 2016

Tesla Model 3 progress: production line layout completed, Tesla now testing subsystems

In its letter to shareholders today, Tesla not only had good news to share about the last quarter (turned a profit for the first time in 3 years), but they also confirmed some good news for its ongoing plans for the future, including Model 3’s road to production. Tesla confirmed that they completed production line layouts […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 18, 2017

Tesla is now claiming 35% battery cost reduction at ‘Gigafactory 1’ – hinting at breakthrough cost below $125/kWh

Recent studies show that average electric vehicle battery cost dropped 80% in 6 years down to ~$227/kWh. It’s exciting progress for the electric vehicle industry, but it’s still not enough to make long-range electric cars affordable. You need batteries significantly below the average – battery cell and pack cost – in order to achieve the price point for mass […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories July 26, 2016

Tesla Model 3 rare red prototype displayed at the Tesla Gigafactory [Gallery]

We have seen the Tesla Model 3 black matte prototype and the silver prototype on a few occasions since the unveiling of the vehicle in March, but the red prototype that was at the event hasn’t been seen since… until now and it’s beautiful.

Tesla Model 3 Stories July 28, 2016

Tesla Gigafactory tour roundup and tidbits: ‘This is the coolest factory in the world’

Yesterday was quite a day in Reno. While we weren’t able to fire off our livestream as we’d hoped, we were able to gather a ton of information on the “Coolest Factory in the world” I’ll break down the new info, videos and imagery below:

Tesla Model 3 Stories July 27, 2016

Tesla’s plan for Gigafactory vehicle battery pack rollout and why it matters

As we discussed several times in the past, Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is already producing battery packs for stationary energy storage, Powerwalls and Powerpacks, but the next two important milestones are battery cell manufacturing and vehicle battery pack manufacturing. While the first battery cell assembly line is up at the plant, it’s not in operation and Tesla […]

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