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Tesla Model 3 Stories September 14

2022 Tesla prices: How much does your favorite model cost?

Electrek is brought to you by, the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to get the best prices on a Tesla Model 3 in 2022. If you have a credit card, you can reserve a Tesla now. Learn more and get $500 off for a limited time (See Terms).   In 2022, Tesla continues to reign as the #1 name […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories March 10

Tesla is tripling your Model Y delivery time if you don’t add on the $12,000 FSD option

A recent update to Tesla’s website configurator reveals that it is prioritizing reservations that include the $12,000 full self-driving (FSD) option, at least for the Model Y and Model 3. For reservations of the Tesla Model Y in particular, delivery estimates change from six months from today (September), to two months (May), simply by choosing […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories December 8, 2021

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y new features and changes leak through test program

A bunch of new features and changes coming to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have leaked through a test program in Europe.

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 25, 2017

Tesla receives massive shipment of robots for Model 3 production line – first pictures

Less than 3 months away from the planned start of Model 3 production, Tesla has received a massive order of robots for its production line. Hundreds of Kuka robots arrived at Tesla’s Fremont factory and are now being installed. Pictures of the robots inside the factory give us a rare glimpse at what Elon Musk […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 8, 2017

Tesla’s new ‘Advanced Automation’ group will drop all other clients to focus on Model 3 production

Last year, Tesla made the acquisition of the German engineering group Grohmann Engineering in order to create ‘Tesla Advanced Automation Germany’. The transaction closed in January, but we now learn that things haven’t been going smoothly since then. Tesla co-founder and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel visited the headquarters earlier this month to announce that the […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories March 25, 2017

This week’s top stories: Tesla Model 3 details & video, Chevy Bolt EV, hybrid Ford F-150, BMW’s EV plans, Gigafactory 1 & more

In this week’s top stories: New Tesla Model 3 details and the first release candidate video, Chevy Bolt EV, a hybrid Ford F-150, BMW’s electric vehicle plans, Gigafactory 1 aerial shots and much more.

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 22, 2017

Tesla starts making new Model 3 prototypes, says on track for production in July and 5,000 units/week by year end

Tesla released its shareholders letter today and gave an interesting update on the Model 3. The company seems hell bent on achieving production as soon as July 2017 and ramp up rather quickly to “volume production” in September. They announced having produced new prototypes earlier this month and even having performed some crash tests.

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 18, 2017

Tesla is now claiming 35% battery cost reduction at ‘Gigafactory 1’ – hinting at breakthrough cost below $125/kWh

Recent studies show that average electric vehicle battery cost dropped 80% in 6 years down to ~$227/kWh. It’s exciting progress for the electric vehicle industry, but it’s still not enough to make long-range electric cars affordable. You need batteries significantly below the average – battery cell and pack cost – in order to achieve the price point for mass […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 8, 2017

Tesla confirms retooling of factory for Model 3 this month, will ‘pause’ Model S/X production for a week

Tesla confirmed in a statement to Electrek today that it plans to “pause” production for a week this month at the Fremont factory in order to install equipment for Model 3 production. The company doesn’t expect that it will affect its production for the first quarter 2017 since it “added production days to compensate.”

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 7, 2017

Tesla Model 3 top battery pack option will be lower than 100 kWh, says Elon Musk

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders can’t wait to know more about the options that will be available for their vehicle and the most anticipated one is without a doubt the battery pack. What will be the battery pack capacities available? CEO Elon Musk made a rare comment about it today and confirmed that the top […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 3, 2017

Tesla Model 3: the ultimate eye-candy gallery to hold you over until ‘part 3 of the unveiling’

There are over 400,000 Tesla Model 3 reservation holders patiently (some impatiently) waiting for the vehicle. If Tesla sticks to its production plan, some of them will be able to get their vehicles toward the end of the year, but most of them will have to wait until 2018. We should see the vehicle again before […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 28, 2017

This week’s top stories: Our Chevy Bolt EV review, Tesla’s new 80 MWh Powerpack station, Musk joins Trump council, Model 3 teaser & more

In this week’s top stories: Tesla quietly completes its new 80 MWh Powerpack station, Elon Musk meets with President Trump and joins his new manufacturing council, Seth takes the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV for a spin, Model 3 gets a slight rebranding and new teaser video, and much more.