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Tesla gigafactory Stories June 13

Tesla is considering sites for new factory in Canada and Mexico, along with the US

Elon Musk says that Tesla’s factory might not necessarily be in the US as the automaker is also considering options in Canada and Mexico for a new North American plant.

Tesla gigafactory Stories May 1, 2017

Tesla to announce not ‘2 or 3’, but ‘probably 4’ more Gigafactories this year

Tesla surprised its shareholders earlier this year when they wrote in their quarterly letter that they plan to announce 2 or 3 more Gigafactories by the end of the year. Considering the ‘Gigafactory 1’ in Nevada is one of Tesla’s biggest and most important projects, it was surprising that the company would build 2 to […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories April 20, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory: Nevada Lt. Gov. wants Tesla’s battery factory to become a tourist attraction

Nevada’s Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison recently went on a trade mission to China to promote tourism and his “biggest takeaway” from the mission is surprising: touring Tesla’s Gigafactory was a “near-constant theme” brought up by Chinese industrial spies tourism officials. Hutchison says that he plans to bring it up to Tesla officials in order to set […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories April 17, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory: ‘chemical spill’ had nothing to do with batteries, no serious injuries and production isn’t affected

You know that everything having to do with Tesla is being looked under the microscope when spilling a few gallons of cleaning solvent makes it to Reuters with the headline “Chemicals spill at Tesla battery factory, no serious injuries“. Tesla confirmed that as part of their safety protocols, they called the authorities after “a drum of […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories April 10, 2017

Tesla shuts down another rumor of finalized plans to build a Gigafactory in China

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other company officials have talked about building a Gigafactory to manufacture batteries and electric vehicles in China for the past 3 years and while they have been several reports of finalized plans, they have all been shut down. A new one came this week after a report in the Southern Metropolis Daily, citing […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories April 3, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory: Panasonic is holding hiring event as it seeks to hire 2,000 at the battery plant this year alone

Tesla and Panasonic are expected to soon significantly increase battery production at the Gigafactory in Nevada in order to produce not only batteries for the Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2, but also for the Model 3. Panasonic will hold a hiring event in Reno this week as it seeks to hire 2,000 workers at the […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories March 23, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory 1: new aerial picture shows latest progress at the battery factory

Three years into the project, Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is now more than 2 months into its first battery cell production. The factory is also now producing both Powerpack 2 and Powerwall 2 battery packs for stationary energy storage to use those new cells and finally, it is preparing for the start of Model […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories March 16, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory: Rare picture from inside production floor via new supplier

Tesla and Panasonic are not the only two companies working at ‘Gigafactotry 1’ in Nevada. Tesla set up the battery factory to house several suppliers who are part of the supply chain of li-ion batteries. A new supplier announced its part of the production line and released rare new pictures from inside the plant.

Tesla gigafactory Stories March 14, 2017

Tesla obtains $11.5 million in transferable tax credits after passing latest audit for Gigafactory 1

While it was widely reported that Tesla received $1.3 billion in incentives from the state of Nevada to build its factory east of Reno, the automaker has only received a small fraction of that amount and the rest is gradually being unlocked as tax credits as Tesla reaches job and investment requirements under the agreement. […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories March 10, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory: Elon Musk shows confidence in new battery production, says could deliver 100+ MWh in 100 days or free

With the confidence of a well-oiled pizza shop, Elon Musk “seriously” said that Tesla could deliver a more than 100 MWh Powerpack project to Australia in 100 days – or it will be free. The promise is a clear show of confidence from the CEO in Tesla and Panasonic’s new battery production at the Gigafactory […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories March 7, 2017

Former Tesla executives plan their own Gigafactory in Europe to bring battery cost down below $100/kwh

Tesla’s former Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Peter Carlsson, has officially launched his new startup called North Volt along with another former Tesla supply chain executive, Paolo Cerruti, and financed by Swedish investors. The executives plan to build their own Gigafactory for li-ion batteries in Europe – possibly Sweden or Finland. They have the ambitious goal […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories March 4, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory and Faraday Future deals under scrutiny from Nevada State Treasurer

Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz has been a strong opponent of the deal that brought electric vehicle maker Faraday Future to the state. He went as far as calling it a “Ponzi scheme.” Schwartz is turning up the scrutiny on the company and dragged Tesla into it by calling for an audit of the deals they made […]

Tesla gigafactory Stories February 24, 2017